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Chainage Android Devices

There has been an overwhelming move to the use of chainages to record the location of information along any road on the council or highway net-work.
Both Reflect and Recover will now automatically display and store the position on the road or segmentThis has revolutionised data recording for maintenance and also collection of damage information following a Natural Disaster .
Best of all once you get the Chainage Point data into Reflect there is no more confusion or time wasting on measuring from reference points. Also ‘000’s of dollars are saved in time and also fitting and refitting trip meters into vehicles. 
The simplest way to take advantage of the chainage function is to get your hands on an Android tablet or phone and give us a call to find out more about Chainages on Android and Windows give the help desk a call. Remember the Android Tablet or Phone that your inspectors or work teams use does not need a SIM or connection in the field. At the start and end of each day they can synchronise at a WAP (wireless access point) to send and receive all information and throw away the paper work. (or at least some of it anyway!)