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RMCC / RMPC Training


Asset Edge can provide regional RMCC / RMPC specific training sessions at your council.

Sessions can be tailored as required to suit Inspectors and/or Work Teams. Android and windows platform training can be provided with option to also include a Supervisor / Manager 'Big Picture' analysis and resporting session.

An analysis of current council RMCC / RMPC data will be completed prior to the training sessions to prepare targeted structured sessions to ensure all requirements are met and a consistent approach is used by all service providers.

Workshops for RMPC are held May - June each year to assist with the preparation for the new financial year.  The workshops are hosted in various locations in Queensland and are only half day (approx 4-5 hours).  Should you require more information or would like to register your interest in attending - please email and we will forward your email to our consultants in sunny QLD.

If you would like to find out more now about our RMCC or RMPC Training or Workshops contact:

1300 219 552