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Nemus - Tree Management System

What is Nemus?

Nemus is the newest Smartphone/Web solution developed by Asset Edge to manage your council’s tree register and assist field officers with tree inspections and reporting.

Trees under the control of Local Government are increasingly being recognised as significant and valuable assets that require ongoing and committed asset management practices as per the legislative guidelines and local council policy.

The process of obtaining and managing accurate records to assist in decision making, planning and risk mitigation is now required by insurers and horticultural departments.

Nemus has been developed in association with industry experts in horticulture and information technology to produce this powerful and new Tree Management System.

Nemus Features

  • Paperless system with smartphone technology to capture GPS location
  • User defined attributes for specific asset and inspection data collection
  • Secure website dedicated for your own council with multi-level security
  • Create your own reports with outputs to Microsoft products and Adobe pdf
  • Powerful mapping tools to display, query, analyse and report tree data
  • Capture multiple images per tree and upload to the tree register

How does Nemus work?

The initial setup of your Tree Management System allows you to define the specific attributes to be collected during the initial tree identification process and also for future inspections.
Tree data is then collected on site using a smartphone or tablet with simple “Drop-Down” pick lists and key entry. All information including date, time, images and GPS coordinates is stored on the device and then synchronised to a central server using mobile phone or wireless networks. All inspection records and tree data can then be viewed, analysed and managed from any desktop computer that has an internet connection using your own secure login and password.

Why use Nemus?

  • Manage inspections/defects based on robust risk management principles
  • Design the Tree attributes to meet your current management policy and streamline inspections
  • Captures required data for complete tree inventory
  • Will run on almost any Android smartphone or tablet device reducing cost of expensive hardware
  • Quickly locate trees in your park, reserve or streetscape for public enquiries and maintenance
  • View all your tree data on a secure Council specific webpage with controlled level access to users




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