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Vigil - State Government Road Authority Contractor Surveillance Software

Introducing VIGIL                 

What is VIGIL?

The Vigil software developed by Asset Edge is designed for State Government Road Authorities to perform Contractor Surveillance. In most Australian States work is carried out on classified roads by Local Government, large fixed term Contracts and the authorities own delivery teams.

Why use VIGIL?

The versatility of the Vigil software allows for highly configurable damage models according to the needs of your organisation. The application of the software is limitless with respect to the range and type of surveillance that you wish to carry out and report on.

The key benefits of Vigil are;

·        Quick installation, easy setup                                                  

·        Minimal staff training required

·        Cost effective (saving hours of office data entry)

·        Estimate the cost of identified works using resource pick list

·        Centralised and secure repository for all event data and images

·        Output to standard forms for application of Vigil

Where do I find VIGIL?

VIGIL can be accessed on any device with internet connection through web address:

For mobile Android tablets and phones you will need to go to Google Play Store and search for Asset Edge Vigil. 


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